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Web Site Promotion

Search Engine Positioning

There are 3 major sources of visitors to your website:
  • Search Engines: someone who is looking for the products you sell or services you provide will go to their favorite search engine and type in a word or phrase that describes the service or product. IF YOUR website appears in the top position of the results, it is likely that they will click on it. IF YOUR website appear in the top 10 positions, there is still a good chance that they may click on it. IF you don't appear in the top 10 or so positions, there is very little hope of them finding you.
  • Advertising: Along with your usual advertising in the yellow pages, tv, newspapers, etc, include your website's address, and you will be amazed at how many people would visit your site for more information.
  • Links: There are usually general purpose websites that discuss the product or services that you offer. For example, if you offer a health related service, there are web sites devoted to the specific health topics that interest you. Getting these sites to link to you help in a few ways: they will increase traffic to your site - people who are actively searching for the product or services you sell. They will also increase you web site positioning - which now considers how many sites and the quality of the sites that link to you when they decide where to place you. These links also represent a sort of endorsement of the site that links to you, making the users more likely to use your services!

We design our websites with search engine position in mind, not as an afterthought. The factors that determine your search engine position change frequently, and your position in the search engine changes frequently. To maintain a high position in the search engines requires a lot of work. The cost of your website construction now includes building it in a way that will optimize your search engine position, and includes the submission of your site to the most important search engines. We can - as an optional service - analyze your search engine position monthly and make adjustments to try to increase the position. Ask us about the costs.
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